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About SamFitness is not just one shape or size, some of us train to be strong, others for endurance or if you're like me you try to do it all! I offer training that spans multiple modalities including weight training, calisthenics and cardiovascular work. No matter what your preferences are we will achieve your goals training in a way which you enjoy! If your goals are body recomposition, strength gain, fitness orientated or you just want stay healthy and have fun, I can provide you with the knowledge and support you need to achieve them.

Doug Whitcher personal trainer


About DougWant to move, look and feel better than ever? Take ownership of your health and fitness and let me help you enjoy the process. I offer Personal Training designed to increase your strength and work capacity, whilst improving the quality of your movement, making you a fitter and happier version of yourself. Book in for a FREE coffee and consultation to see how I can level up your training. Check out my Instagram for client progress and coaching..

Jay personal trainer


About JayHelping People Become INSAIYAN At Bodyweight Strength Training - With Minimal Equipment + Accommodating resistance 1 x A Week Using These 5 Exercises: > Handstand Push up > One arm chin up > Planche Push up > Front lever row > Single leg squat Teaching you how to get more results out of less time in the gym.

Iwan personal trainer


About IwanI am an ex-professional rugby player. I have represented England, Ireland and Wales in various different age groups and played for 2 professional clubs, Bristol Rugby and Ulster Rugby. I specialise in building strength and power while sustainably reaching your body goals! I have been fortunate enough to have been coached by some of the top strength & conditioning coaches in the rugby world since the age of 14. If you are interested in PT, don’t hesitate to get in touch!.

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Ryan Southern personal trainer




About CharlotteHey I’m Charlotte! Making the decision to become a Personal Trainer was the best decision I ever made. I personally became excited about my training just over 10 years ago, which ignited the passion in me to help others. I treat each client as an individual both in my approach and of course in their programming. Therefore the style of training will vary depending on goals and skill level but will always include bodyweight and resistance training. Whether you are looking to learn a new skill such as a Handstand, increase your strength, change your body composition or work on your fitness levels the fulfilment I get from helping my clients determine and reach their goals is both important and massively rewarding. Whatever your starting point with me, I ensure to focus attention on posture, form and mind muscle connections. These are all extremely important, along with guiding you through what we are working and why, and how it should feel so that you can understand and learn rather than going through the motions. I know you will fall in love with both the process and progress of your training and I guarantee we shall have some fun along the way!! We should all look after ourselves, remember we have one body and one life, so look after it!.

Romayne personal trainer


About RomayneI am a highly motivated Personal Trainer that finds helping my clients reach their fitness goals very rewarding. I train a wide range of clients from professional athletes to gym novices. I have a calm but effective approach to training. I’ve studied various martial arts over the last 10 years. My disciplines include Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I use my passion and experience to motivate my clients to achieve their fitness goals, whether that be losing weight for a wedding, increasing functional strength or competing in a sporting event. I believe health and fitness is a enjoyable lifelong journey worth taking. My goal with every client is to develop a complete training programme centred around their fitness goal.

Naomi personal trainer


About NaomiA lifelong love of sport was what led me to my journey into the fitness industry. My passion for personal training stems from a combination of many years playing competitive hockey, an interest in strength training and the desire to help others reach their goals. With every client, my approach revolves around helping them to move well, feel good, become stronger and most importantly enjoy the process.

John Conway personal trainer


About JohnAs the full-time head boxing coach at Sweatbox Gym, with 18 years coaching experience I believe that boxing is for for everyone. If your aim is fitness, self-defence or competition I can help you to reach your goal. I believe that boxing should be coached in a friendly and safe environment where people can realise their full potential. I am available to coach 1:2:1 or in small groups. I have trained Western Counties and National Champions and some of my former boxers have boxed internationally and turned professional. I am a fully qualified level 2 England boxing coach and I have a current DBS check, safe guarding, first-aid qualification and relevant insurance

Leanna Mitchell personal trainer



Sheldon Golding personal trainer


About SheldonWhether you're looking to build a foundation in fitness, learn new skills, tone up or improve your sports performance I am here to help you achieve your goals. I specialise in Calisthenics (body weight) training and believe it's a great way to build upper body strength and mobility. I like to use a mixture of gym, calisthenics and primal movement techniques for a full body workout tailored to meet my client demands. I take pride in my job as a personal trainer and believe that WE can achieve the goals set.

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tom m


Paul Reed personal trainer


About PaulI'm Paul I have a resume of 38 professional mixed martial arts fights. A bjj Black belt and multiple expert level competition winner. I have coached many fighters from their first fight as amateur to ufc level. I am genuinely passionate about mma and I love sharing my passion.




About SuzySuzy is a strength, fitness, and nutrition coach; specialising in what she dubs “true strength”. Taking a whole-body approach, she will program your sessions to achieve your goals and push you to the next level, while making sure your sessions suit your lifestyle. As a flexibility specialist, Suzy can incorporate this into sessions to increase mobility, range of motion and help you achieve your flexibility goals. Suzy’s aim is to have you feeling stronger, fitter, more confident and empowered.


About Aaron ’m looking to help people build confidence and strength in their training. As I am currently training for an Ironman alongside Olympic weightlifting, helping you balance multiple training modalities and types of training is something I specialise in. I look forward to working with some of you soon!

Xab b

About Xabwaiting update.

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Bernie Gomm personal training

Bernie G

About BernieCombining years of experience in Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, calisthenics, weight lifting and much more we will develop a complete training programme centred around you and your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, learn a new sport or are training for a sports competition, under my guidance you will maximise your training time and stay motivated. The results will fulfil and exceed your expectations!


About EmilyI help women to look and feel strong without compromising other parts of their health. I’ll build your confidence in a gym environment and work closely with you to manage stress, nutrition and get you moving pain free. It’s my mission to get more women in the gym to change the face of the fitness industry. To book a free zoom consultation, follow the link in my bio on Instagram or email me on the details below.





Tom S

About Tom SI am a full time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt coach under our head instructor Pedro Bessa. I offer one to one or group tuition in both the gi (the jacket and trousers similar to Judo) and nogi (more akin to submission wrestling) for all levels. I am also a passionate competitor, regularly competing domestically and internationally at the highest levels of the sport. My technical knowledge and experience will be able to take your game to the next level or give you a solid foundation with which to begin your journey.

Jesse - Personal Trainer


About Jesse As founder and co-owner of the Sweatbox gym with over 25 years’ experience in martial arts (teaching Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Escrima) and a qualified personal trainer, it has been my lifelong passion to not only continue my personal development within the fitness industry but to inspire my clients to explore different ways of training and reach goals they felt unattainable. Whether you want to learn a martial art or purely focus on fitness and strength and conditioning, I will help you achieve that goal and most importantly enjoy the journey!.

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