The Treatment Room At Sweat Box Gym, Bristol


Lana Ashton

PerformEffectiv. Sports & Remedial Massage

MSc Applied Neuroscience, BSc (Hons) Sp.Psych & Coaching Sciences, Yoga Sports Coach™,

H/NLP M. Prac, Adv PT, Sports Massage Therapist, Hot/Cold Stone therapy, Kinesiology

taping, Dry cupping.


Sports and Remedial Massage 

With ever increasing demands placed on us through sport, work, play, or performance, taking a
whole body approach assessing your needs and untangling any issues that may arise could
significantly enhance your personal performance and well-being whatever your level of activity.
The misconception that sports massage is only for athletes is not true, it is fully inclusive so
everyone can enjoy the benefits.
Sports massage therapies can assist in the prevention of, and recovery from injury by providing
tools and guidance to restore and manage your soft tissue function (muscles, tendons,
ligaments and facia), stimulate blood flow, promote awareness of your strength and fluidity of
movement, and provide opportunity to prime your nervous system and training potential.
Overall encouraging awareness for body and mind – just some of the benefits:
– Reduce muscle soreness and pain
– Restore and expedite recovery of your musculoskeletal system
– Enhance freedom of movement, boost mobility and performance
– Identify potential problems and assist prevention of injury
– Encourage relaxation, body awareness and breathing and focus efficiency


How your needs will be addressed: 

Your sports massage session will be tailored to you as an individual.

Please note the information you provide will be confidential.


Evaluation will follow and include simple movements to observe posture and mobility, examine

health of joints, tissues and ligaments with a light and developed sense of touch called

palpation. Every effort is taken to allow you to feel comfortable.

Assessment and proposed treatment will be discussed with you to accomplish the most

productive solution with your consent, understanding and consideration. A balanced whole-body

approach is taken.

Post treatment and home care advice may be offered to enhance your recovery, well-being and

achieve greater productivity. Your treatment will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly with each


Whether you would like to benefit from pre-event physical and mental preparation, unwind and

reduce recovery time post event or develop your optimal health, sports massage tailored to you

can help maximise your performance and help you realise your potential.



Initial session including consultation, assessment & treatment 60 mins – £50

(*After the initial session SweatBox Gym members will receive a £5 discount with proof of

membership on 60 min follow ups)

45 Minute Treatment – £40

30 Minute Treatment – £30

90 Minute treatments are available – £75 (£5 discount for SweatBox members)


Gift vouchers available on request

24 hour cancellation policy

Please note that appointments rescheduled, cancelled or not attended are charged unless 24

hours notice is given.