COVID-19 Information


Booking & Contactless Entry

  • All Classes and Gym Only sessions must be booked via the new Sweatbox Branded app – we will be required to control numbers of people within the gym with a maximum number of people allowed in the gym at any one time. Gym only session will be bookable in slots. This will mean you will not be able to gain access to the gym unless you have booked, but should also mean that no queuing will be necessary, so you have the reassurance that you won’t be turned away.
  • No shows – We will ask members going forward if you book a session and cannot attend to cancel that session via the app to give someone else the opportunity of taking that space. We will monitor this closely but we may introduce a no show fee or strike rule if any members book but repeatedly don’t attend.
  • Contactless Access via new app and newly installed scanner at gym – from reopening access will still be via the turnstile but using a barcode reader, your barcode will be on your Sweat Box Gym – mindbody App, which you scan on entry.
  • Will we monitor the booking, if member feedback indicates that they struggle to get into classes we may put restrictions on daily booking allowances, to make sure everyone is fairly getting access to the gym and classes. Your normal weekly membership allowances will not change.
  • Follow the links below to download your new apps:

(Please note some features such as booking won’t be available until Wednesday)

Social Distancing Timetable

  • Due to limited numbers allowed in the gym we will be releasing a revised timetable. This has been planned to still allow as many members as possible to join classes during the week subject to your membership type but obeying social distancing rules.
  • Some Classes will be shorter but extra classes will be timetabled. Non- contact fitness classes and martial arts classes will be taught.
  • Class Sizes will be limited.

Keeping A Safe Distance

  • To remain 1m distance from other members – machines will be moved to accommodate this and clearly marked out for you to use safely. 
  • We will have a one way entry and one way system for exit
  • No contact Martial Arts – No padwork, or partner drills will be permitted until social distancing measures have relaxed.
  • Bag use is permitted. 
  • Members to bring own gloves (gym Pad Room kit not available during this time). Please do not share kit.
  • Martial arts classes will be modified to accommodate this.
  • We will have clear signage throughout the gym on safety measures for each area.
  • Limited use of changing or shower facilities. Where possible we ask:
    • Arrive and leave in your gym clothes
    • Shower at home or work
    • Do hair and make-up at home or work
    • Use lockers provided (we also have personal effect lockers in the changing rooms) leave large kit bags and belongings at home or car (try to bring in just what you need).
    • Toilets will of course still be accessible. 


  • Self-Cleaning Stations – we have self-cleaning stations located around the gym – so you clean all gym kit and machines after use, also where possible we will provide you with your own sanitiser spray for the duration of you visit. Return to reception at the end of your session.
  • Hand Sanitising Stations – You’ll find Hand Sanitising stations around the gym – so it’s easy to regularly clean your hands. Members to clean hands before and after training. And before entry to gym (hand sanitiser will be outside front door).

Contact us

Hopefully you will find all the information you need on our website or in our FAQs, but if not feel free to get in touch.

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